Study Shows Waco is a Great Place to Teach

teacherGood news for teachers, good news for Waco, and great news for Waco ISD! 

Based on results from a recent national study, the city of Waco, Texas is one of the “Best places to be a teacher in the U.S.”, scientifically speaking.

According to GoodCall, a national clearinghouse for free educational data, research and scholarship information, the city of Waco ranked No. 23 in the United States and first in the state of Texas, among the best places in the nation for educators to live.

Some of the metrics that earned Waco its top spot on the list include high teacher salaries, low cost of living, high job availability and strong educational values in the community.

GoodCall used the following criteria to evaluate each city:
Average annual teacher salary
Available teaching jobs (as of 5/6/2015)
Teaching jobs per capita
High school graduation rates
Cost of living

The data was gathered from multiple sources, including the U.S. Census, the National Center for Education Statistics,, and GoodCall was able to come up with an overall ranking system that also included ranked scores in each of the measured criteria areas.

“With high-stakes testing and increased teacher evaluations adding pressure on teachers across the country, analyst Paul Southerland set out to determine which U.S. cities still provide a good backdrop for teachers. Waco, Texas’ ranking comes as great news for current and prospective teachers in the area,” said Carrie Wiley, Public Relations Manager at GoodCall.

Teaching is often regarded as one of the most demanding (and lowest paid) professions. During the Recession, states across the country were forced to cut education funding – and with it, teacher salaries. But thanks to the GoodCall study, things are looking up – especially in Waco, Texas. For individuals who are currently studying to become a teacher, a move to Central Texas would prove to be a wise choice after graduation – according to GoodCall calculations, the city of Waco, Texas is the best place in Texas for educators to live and work.

And No. 23 in the nation is not bad, either.

A full breakdown of the data that GoodCall used to compile the report and other results can be found at: