Practice Lands the Job Offer

Practice Lands the Job Offer
Posted on 05/30/2017
From Brandon Classen - Career Prep Instructor...

Each year the Career Prep course is designed to help students develop and enhance their job skills.  As part of this class I have students go through mock interviews towards the end of the year to help better prepare them for their first "real" interview.  As part of this opportunity I have partnered with several members from the business community  to volunteer as interviewers.  It is a very unique process in the manner that students are required to dress for success and bring their resume and references with them to the interview.  

I particularly enjoy the observing the process as I witness how students gain confidence after they have completed their interviews.  During the interview students are graded on the following areas such as soft skills and confidence in their presentation.  Following the interview our volunteers give feedback to students telling them areas that they excelled in as well as discussing ways they could improve.  

This is a great experience for all and it gives students a real sense of career development.  The most common response I get from students is how anxious they were before the start but really appreciate the experience by the end.  They always tell me how they are glad to know what an interview is like so they are no longer afraid of their first real interview. I tell students each year to take the interview serious as they never know when someone is going to give them a real opportunity; last year I had 2 students given the opportunity for a 2nd interview and this year we had 10 students given a chance for a follow-up interview.

I would like to give a special thanks to the following partners of this program.
Community Bank & Trust
HOT Workforce Solutions
City of Waco
Waco Chamber of Commerce