Job Descriptions [Full List]

Waco ISD LogoThe following pages include job descriptions for all jobs within the district, subdivided by category. Not all of these jobs are currently open. For a list of current job opportunities, click here.

To find a job description, first select a category page, then choose from the job titles listed. This list is updated weekly. Please refer all questions to the HR department.


Academic Advising Supervisor 

Assistant Athletic Director - Facilities

Assistant Director - Advanced Academic

Assistant Director - Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy

Assistant Director - Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy

Assistant Director - Human Resources

Assistant Principal - 226 High School

Assistant Principal - 226 Middle School

Assistant Principal - ATLAS Academy

Assistant Principal - Elementary

Assistant Principal - High School (Title 1)

Assistant Principal - High School

Assistant Principal - Middle School

Assistant Principal - Secondary

Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum & Instruction

Assistant Superintendent - Elementary Education

Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources

 Assistant Superintendent - Operations

Assistant Superintendent - Secondary Education

Athletic Sector Coordinator - Head Football Coach

Chief Administrative Officer - Community & Family Outreach

Chief Financial Officer

Chief of Police

Coach - High School Head Football

Compliance and Hearing Officer - Investigator

Coordinator - Accounting

Coordinator - Athletics

Coordinator - Budget

Coordinator - Compensatory Education Services

Coordinator - Counseling

Coordinator - Credit Recovery

Coordinator - District Assessment

Coordinator - District Intervention

Coordinator - Early Childhood

Coordinator - Elem PYP (Primary Year Program) PDS Site

Coordinator - Elem Special Education

Coordinator - Grants Management

Coordinator - Health Services - RN

Coordinator - Human Resources & Risk Management

Coordinator - Instructional Technology Staff Development

Coordinator - Instructional Technology

Coordinator - Internal & System Controls

Coordinator - Maintenance

Coordinator - Network Systems

Coordinator - Project Counselor Waco Counseling Project Grant

Coordinator - RDSPD

Coordinator - Response to Intervention

Coordinator - Section 504 Compliance

Coordinator - Special Education (Speech, OTPT, V)

Coordinator - Special Education

Coordinator - Student Management

Dean - Academies

Dean - Instruction

Dean - Instruction (Middle School)

Dean - Schools of Study

Director - Advance Academic Studies

Director - Advanced Academic Studies Elementary

Director - Advanced Academics Secondary

Director - Athletics

Director - Bilingual ESL

Director - Budget and Payroll

Director - Business Services

Director - Career Technology Education (CTE)

Director - Communications

Director - Community Partnerships and Development

Director - Facilities & Maintenance

Director - Finance

Director - Fine Arts

Director - Greater Waco Academies 2

Director - GWAHCA

Director - GWAMA

Director - Operations for McLennan County Challenge Academy

Director - PEIMS and Counseling Services

Director - Professional Development

Director - Purchasing

Director of Special Education Centralized Programs

Director of Special Education Compliance

Director of Special Education Instruction

Director - Technology

Executive Director - Advanced Academic Studies

Executive Director - Student Services

GWAMA - Project Coordinator

Interim Asst Director Bilingual ESL 2

Internal Auditor

Manager - Environmental

Principal - Credit Recovery

Principal - DAEP

Principal - Elementary

Principal - High School

Principal - Middle School

Project Manager - Facilities

Specialist - Financial Info Management Systems

Specialist - Homeless Students Population

Specialist - Special Education


 Supervisor - Community Outreach for Homeless Students

Supervisor - Payroll

Supervisor - Personnel Services

Supervisor - Police Administrative Services

Supervisor - Police Field Service

Supervisor - Risk Management and Benefits

Supervisor - Special Ed Assessment

Supervisor - Special Education Elem and Func Academics

Supervisor - Special Education Instructional Services

Supervisor - Student Management

Supervisor - Tech Support Services

Television Production Manager - Producer


Asbestos Technician

Assistant Electronic Systems Technician

Cafeteria Assistant Manager

Cafeteria Manager - Elementary

Cafeteria Manager - High School

Cafeteria Manager - Middle School

Cafeteria Manager - Substitute

Cafeteria Manager Trainee

Cafeteria Worker - Lead

Cafeteria Worker, Lead

Cafeteria Worker


CNS Warehouse Manager

CNS Warehouse Worker

Compliance Specialist - Food Service

Crosswalk Guard

Custodial - Assistant Supervisor Night

Custodial - Assistant Supervisor

Custodial Supervisor

Custodian - Head Administration

Custodian - Head Elementary

Custodian - Head High School

Custodian - Head Middle School

Custodian - Lead

Custodian - Sub


Electrical Systems Technician

Electrician - Section Lead


Facilities Construction Lead

Floor Care Specialist

Foreman - Building Maintenance

Foreman - Grounds

General Maintenance Worker I

General Maintenance Worker II

General Maintenance Worker III

Groundskeeper - Equipment Operator

Groundskeeper - Irrigation

Groundskeeper - Lead HS

Groundskeeper - Lead


HVAC - Lead

HVAC - Section Lead

HVAC - Technician

HVAC Technician


Mail Delivery


Peace Officer - District Support

Peace Officer

Pest Control - Lead

Plumber - Section Lead


Police Officer

Preventive Maintenance Lead

Preventive Maintenance Technician



Security Guard

Specialist - Warehouse Receiving

Stadium Utility Worker

Supervisor - Building Maintenance

Supervisor - Custodial Services

Supervisor - Food Service Compliance and Employee Relations

Supervisor - Maintenance & Grounds

Supervisor - Warehouse

Supervisor Assistant - Groundskeeper

Utility Worker - Lead Day

Utility Worker - Lead Night

Utility Worker

Warehouse Laborer

Warehouse Worker I

Warehouse Worker II



Accountant - Athletic

Admin Asst - Business and Financial Services

Administrative Assistant - Advanced Academic Studies

Administrative Assistant - Athletics

Administrative Assistant - Compensatory Education

Administrative Assistant - Maintenance

Administrative Assistant - Bilingual

Administrative Assistant - Career & Technology Education

Administrative Assistant - Comm & Community Partnership

Administrative Assistant - Comm Marketing & Community Partnership

Administrative Assistant - Counseling Programs

Administrative Assistant - Fine Arts

Administrative Assistant - Police

Administrative Assistant - Special Education

Administrative Assistant - Student Management

Administrative Assistant - Technology

Administrative Budget Assistant - Comp Ed Services

After School Worker

Aide - Behavior Support (2015-16 Compensatory)

Aide - Behavior Support (09-30-2017 Compensatory)

Aide - Behavior Support (CEIS)

Aide - Behavior Support (Compensatory)

Aide - Behavior Support (Local)

Aide - Bilingual Instructional

Aide - Child Care Director

Aide - Clinic

Aide - Guided Reading Balanced Literacy

Aide - Instructional - Compensatory

Aide - Instructional - Compensatory 09-30-2017

Aide - Instructional

Aide - ISS

Aide - Library

Aide - Multimedia

Aide - RESET Classroom

Aide - Restorative Classroom

Aide - Special Education Instructional for Visually Impaired

Aide - Special Education

Aide - Primary Literacy

Bilingual Test Assessor

Bookkeeper - High School


Child Care Worker

Clerk - Athletic

Clerk - Business Services

Clerk - Campus Office

Clerk - CNS (50%)

Clerk - CNS - Free and Reduced

Clerk - CNS

Clerk - CTE and Student Support

Clerk - Grant Data

Clerk - Homeless Grant 49%

Clerk - Human Resources

Clerk - Payroll

Clerk - Print & Mail Center

Clerk - Sp Ed Diagnostician Assistant

Clerk - Student Records

Clerk - Waco ISD PD

Communications - Translator Admin Asst

District Spanish Translator - Admin Assistant Homeless Dept

Dyslexia Sp Ed Bilingual Assistant

Executive Admin Assistant - Chief Financial Officer

Executive Admin Assistant - Elem Ed

Executive Admin Assistant - Human Resources

Executive Admin Assistant - Secondary Ed

Executive Admin Assistant - Superintendent

GWAMA Grant Data Clerk

GWAMA Grant Family and Community Liaison

Interpreter - Sign Language Certified

Interpreter - Sign Language Non-Certified

Interpreter Sign Language Non-Certified Agreement

Liaison - Attendance Court

Liaison - Parent Campus

Nurse - LVN

Parent Educator Specialist

Receptionist - Admin

Receptionist - Campus

Records Management Officer

Registrar 212

Registrar I - Para

Registrar II - Para

Secretary - Elementary School

Secretary - GWAHCA

Secretary - GWAMA

Secretary - High School

Secretary - Middle School

Social Worker - Behavior Intervention (Title I)

Specialist - Accounting Revenue

Specialist - Accounting

Specialist - Accounts Payable

Specialist - Asset Inventory

Specialist - Business

Specialist - Comm. & Community Partnerships

Specialist - Communications Dept. Financials

Specialist - Contracts & Grants Procurement

Specialist - District Records Retention, Management, and Document Control

Specialist - Educational TV

Specialist - Financial Accounting

Specialist - Grant Data

Specialist - Grant Data GWAMA

Specialist - HR Auxiliary Personnel

Specialist - HR Personnel Services

Specialist - HR Risk Mgmt, Benefits & Leave

Specialist - HR Staffing

Specialist - HR Substitute Mgmt

Specialist - Human Resources

Specialist - Maintenance Business

Specialist - Medicaid

Specialist - Medicaid Billing

Specialist - MSAP Data

Specialist - Network Support

Specialist - Network Systems

Specialist - Parent Involvement

Specialist - Parent Involvement 09-30-2017

Specialist - Payroll

Specialist - PEIMS 226

Specialist - PEIMS Interface

Specialist - PEIMS

 Specialist - Police Support Services

Specialist - Professional Development

Specialist - Purchasing II(a)

Specialist - Purchasing II(b)

Specialist - Sp Ed PEIMS

Specialist - Special Education Budget

Specialist - Student Services Interface - Elementary

Specialist - Student Services Interface - Secondary

Specialist - Texas ACE Grant Data

Specialist - Warehouse Inventory

Specialist - Administrative Budget

Substitute Nurse

Technician - Technology Field Service

Technician - Campus Technology

Technician - Mobile Technology

Technician - Network Services II

Technician - Network Services

Technician - Technology Help Desk

Technology - Security Systems Support

Temp - Videographer WISD TV

Texas ACE Afterschool Worker

Texas ACE Lead Afterschool Worker



Accountant - Professional

Assistant - Counseling Program Elementary

Athletic Trainer - High School

Athletic Trainer - Middle School

Band - Assistant Director High School

Band - Assistant Director Middle School

Band - Director High School

Band - Director Middle School

 Bilingual Teacher - Cedar Ridge

Behavior Intervention Specialist - Waco High

Behavior Intervention Specialist

Behavior Intervention Specialist LAMM

Behavior Specialist - Special Ed

Business Services Accountant

Case Manager - Education of Homeless Students

Choir - Assistant Director High School

Choir - Director Middle School

Coach - District Math

Coach - District Reading

Coach - District Science


College & Career Advisor

Content Specialist - Bilingual 226

Content Specialist - Bilingual

Content Specialist - ELL

Content Specialist - K - 2

Content Specialist - Secondary ELAR

Content Specialist

Coordinator - Academic Advising

Coordinator - Campus Testing

Coordinator - College Readiness

Coordinator - District Behavior Intervention

Coordinator - District Reading

Coordinator - District Reading w. PE

Coordinator - District Math

Coordinator - MSAP Project

Coordinator - NCLB SES Vendor

Coordinator - PDS Site

Coordinator - PYP

Coordinator - School Improvement

Coordinator - Special Education (Compliance, Intervention Programs and Family Services)

Coordinator - Vocational Adjustment (VAC)

Coordinator - Young Scholars Program

Counselor - At - Risk

Counselor - Career and Technology Education (CTE)

Counselor - Career and Technology Education - GWAHCA

Counselor - Elementary

Counselor - GWAMA GWAHCA

Counselor - High School

Counselor - Lead High School

Counselor - Middle School

 Counselor - Montessori

Counselor - Transition

Diagnostic Teacher

Diagnostician - Lead

Diagnostician - PPCD Specialist


District Behavior Interventionist 187 3

District Behavior Interventionist 2016-2017

District Behavior Interventionist

District Behavior Specialist

 District Choir Specialist

Enrichment Specialist - GT

 ESL Strategist/ Interventionist

Facilitator - Career Placement

Facilitator - Professional Development (49%)

Facilitator - Restorative Discipline

Facilitator - Teacher Development (49%)

Grant Writer

Grants Accountant

Grants Acquisition and Compliance Specialist

GWAMA - Family and Community Liaison

GWAMA - Instruction and Technology Specialist

Information Support System Program Analyst

Instructional Coach - Montessori Elementary

Instructional Coach - Montessori Secondary

Instructional Coach - Montessori

Instructional Coach

instructional Specialist - 504 Compliance

Instructional Specialist - Behavior

Instructional Specialist - Dyslexia

Instructional Specialist - GT

Instructional Specialist - Montessori Support

Instructional Specialist - PPCD

Instructional Specialist - Prek Coach & Mentor

Instructional Specialist - Prekindergarten

Instructional Specialist - Section 504 Compliance and Special Olympics

Instructional Specialist - Special Education

Instructional Specialist - Support for Teachers and Students

Instructional Specialist - Special Olympics

Instructional Technology Specialist

ISMS - TTIPS Service Learning Manager

JROTC Instructor - Senior

JROTC Instructor

Lead Parent Educator

Liaison - Parent Involvement

Liaison - Project Link Outreach High School


Licensed Specialist School Psychology

LSPSP Case Manager

Manager - Athletic Equipment

Manager - Athletic Marketing & Media

MS Art Teacher

Network Engineer

Nurse - RN

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Orchestra - Head Director Middle School

Parent Educator

Parent Educator HOPES Grant Funded

Physical Therapist

Project Specialist - Waco Counseling Project

Registrar - Professional

Resource Development Facilitator

Social Worker - Behavior Intervention (Title I)

Social Worker - Family Resource and Enrichment PRC 2

Social Worker - Behavior Intervention

Social Worker - Diversion Program

Social Worker - Homeless Liaison

Social Worker - Special Ed

Social Worker - PRC

Specialist - At-Risk Students

Specialist - Campus Community Parent Involvement

Specialist - Campus Parent Community Involvement

Specialist - Campus Testing

Specialist - College and Career Prep

Specialist - Community Outreach

Specialist - Community Partnerships

Specialist - Deaf Ed Interpreter Services

Specialist - Education Foundation

Specialist - Educational TV and Social Media

Specialist - Grant Project

Specialist - Instructional ARD Special Education

Specialist - Instructional Data Evaluation

Specialist - Public Relations

Specialist - Records Management

Specialist - Technology Professional Development

Specialist - Texas ACE Family Engagement 

 Specialist - Texas ACE Project

Speech Interventionist 187

Speech Interventionist 85%

Speech Pathologist - ASHA

Speech Pathologist - Assistant

Speech Pathologist - CFY

Speech Therapist

Supervisor - Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Supervisor - Social Work Programs

Supervisor - Technology Support Services

Supervisor Response To Instruction

Supplemental Instruction Teacher (SIT) for CTE

Supplemental Instruction Teacher (SIT) with Parent Involvement

Supplemental Instruction Teacher (SIT)

Systems Engineer

Teacher - Adapted PE

Teacher - Art Middle School

Teacher - At - Will (49%)

Teacher - ATLAS Academy

Teacher - Bilingual Elem

Teacher - Biology

Teacher - 2nd Grade Bilingual

Teacher - Career Technology Ed

Teacher - Compensatory Education Home Instructor (CEHI)

Teacher - Chemistry

Teacher - CNA

Teacher - Compensatory Credit Recovery

 Teacher - Culinary Arts UHS

Teacher - Deaf Education Lead

Teacher - Deaf Education - Itinerant

Teacher - Deaf Education

  Teacher - Enrichment GT

  Teacher - Foundational Health Science

Teacher - GWAMA Electronics and Robotics

Teacher - GWAMA Math

Teacher - GWAMA Precision Metal Manufacturing

Teacher - GWAMA Science

Teacher - GWAMA Welding

Teacher - Health Science PCN 4121 4865 4866

Teacher - Health Science Technology CNA

Teacher - Health Science Technology

Teacher - Montessori

Teacher - Physical Education

Teacher - Special Ed Deaf Education

Teacher - Special Ed Homebound

Teacher - Special Ed Temp

Teacher - Special Ed

Teacher - STAAR Core Content Grade Areas

Teacher - Trades and Industry

Teacher - Visually Impaired Assistive Technology

Teacher - Visually Impaired Lead

Teacher - Visually Impaired

Teacher - Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC)


Technology Facilitator

 Texas ACE Site Coordinator

Theater - Assistant Director High School