Addresses & Maps

Elementary Schools Address / Click to Map It
Alta Vista 3637 Alta Vista Dr.
Bell's Hill 2100 Ross Ave.
Brook Avenue 720 Brook Ave.
Cedar Ridge 2115 Meridian Ave.
Crestview 1120 New Rd.
Dean Highland 3300 Maple Ave.
Hillcrest PDS 4225 Pine Ave.
J.H. Hines 301 Garrison St.
Kendrick 1801 Kendrick Ln.
Lake Air Montessori Magnet 4601 Cobbs Dr.
Mountainview 5901 Bishop Dr.
Parkdale 6400 Edmond
Provident Heights 2415 Bosque Blvd.
South Waco 2104 Gurley Ln.
West Avenue 1101 North 15th St.
Middle Schools Address
Cesar Chavez 700 S. 15th St.
G.W. Carver 1601 J.J. Flewellen
Indian Spring 500 N University Parks Dr.
Dean of ATLAS Academy
6100 Tennyson
High Schools Address
University High
A.J. Moore Academy
3201 S. New Rd.
Waco High 2020 N. 42nd St.
Wiley Opportunity Center 1030 E Live Oak St.
Brazos High School 200 W. Waco Dr.
MCCA 2015 Alexander Ave.
Greater Waco Advanced
Manufacturing Academy
2401 J.J. Flewellen
Facilities Address
Administration Building 501 Franklin Ave.
Athletics Complex (Stadium) 1401 S. New Rd.
Facilities & Maintenance 4315 Beverly
Police Department 2015 Alexander Ave.
Technology Office 112 South 6th St.
Transportation 2001 S. 18th St.